Monday, September 13, 2010

Victoria Mini-Trip: The Dining Room

Impromptu weekend trip to the island? Yes please.
Oh, I know I already apologized, but another reason it took a while to update was because I was busy being bored to death on foot on an island inhabited by people waiting to die, enjoying the beautiful scenery that is Victoria (And while I am not entirely joking about the striked through sentence, I did truly have a good time).

While there,we visited Butchart Gardens, which has a few eateries located within the Park. While we could have saved some money and gone for the more Cafeteria Style Eatery, there was also a beautiful little place called The Dining Room serving Tea Time throughout the afternoon. So of course I had to try..

Picture unrelated. Just pretty. And our view--...semi-related.

We had to wait for a time before we were seated, despite the fact that there were empty tables around, but due to its location, there are probably always reservations.. and then abrupt cancellations of reservations. And they handled it well. So kudos.

Our tea took a while to arrive, but due to the large amount of water in the pots, my thoughts is that they did this to let it steep properly (as opposed to neglect. . ?) Mine was called Teaberry Blend -- black ceylon tea, flavored with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and currants. Others at our table were the Earl Grey, Rose Congou, and Mixed Greens (which had 20% gunpowder in it apparently..!)
Nice teas. The way they are described on the menu definitely hypes, but thats partly what tea time is I believe. The story/atmosphere of it all.

Our first course was a Seasonal Berry Trifle -- layers of sponge cake and seasonal berry compote. Finished with chantilly cream. I thought it was light and sweet (Not artificial-buttercream-on-your-cupcakes sweet. Just light and airy sweet. A good sweet.) I only wish the sponge and berries were more evenly distributed, as opposed to a clump on the side. But what do you do, mix it.

Shortly after we all finished our trifles, our three tiered tray arrived! Savories, Sweets and Scones.

This was my first tea-time I should mention... But how warm should the savories be when they arrive? We were told to eat these first, as they are best eaten warm, but they weren't very when we ate them.. They weren't bad, and I appreciated the good service.. But I'm just curious.

Sandwich bread was a little stale, but I enjoyed the roasted vegetable and cheese quiche (under the sausage roll).

Second layer, sweets. Loved the blueberry with lemon cream tart. The poppyseed loaf was a little stale..

And if you were wondering what was in the little box, here is a wonderfully taken blurry photo. A Grand Marnier Truffle. Loved the ganache centre and crispy corn-flake outer.

Finally, Ginger Scones served with Whipped Vanilla Devon Style Cream and Strawberry Jam. We thought the jam was overly sweet, but the 'devon-style' cream had lemony notes and was very nice. The scones were stale in our opinion.. But tasted alright.

For $26.65/person, this is definitely far too expensive for out liking.. And felt a little strange, as this was our first try at a tea time at a restaurant. The sugar also got to our heads and the tea left us feeling heavy...
Still, I won't say I didn't like it, and anything that I said in the previous sentence is not a shot at the restaurant, but moreso to the fact that we can't take our tea times.. (sob.)

The goodies did fall a little flat here and there where they were stale, but everything was beautiful, peaceful, and along with the view, enjoyable. If you're going to Butchart Gardens, you won't have your best tea time here, but you'll certainly have your prettiest.

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