Thursday, May 6, 2010

Marble Slab Creamery [Coquitlam]

I very suddenly came down with a very bad cold/sore throat early this week, which completely killed my appetite. Between sleeping for hours on end I've been zapping up canned soup. :3 So unfortunately, I don't really have a big post for any of you, I'm sorry..
However! The day before the cold hit full on, I did meet my friend who came back from Toronto at the Marble Slab Creamery. Haha, like a kid in a candy store, he was so excited;

Although its a small tucked away place, I liked the atmosphere. Upbeat. Cute. You can either go for a premix that they name beforehand, or mix your own. You pick your icecream,

Pick your topping...

And you cone.. (These were up for display purposes only. They've got fresh ones.. Actually, even though it wasn't busy with only another two people in the shop, they were making a fresh batch)

And they mix it up for you~
The "marble slab" I guess differentiates this icecream shop from others around here (but I know a lot of icecream shops are doing this now.. and other than being able to mix the topping on a cold surface, this really just seems gimmicky to me..)

My friend had ordered the Almond Joy.

And this is the final product.
It was good, crispy cone, nice amount of coconut throughout, and quite a large portion for one scoop. Yea, it's a good place to stop for icecream, no doubt. I stuck to some tea, as I really wasn't feeling well enough for anything really.. but had a few bites of this and it was good.

As for the "freshest icecream" business.. The icecream tasted great, as icecream should, yes. But the difference wasn't huge for me.. I don't know, should it be? And should it warrant a higher price-tag?

Head.. starting to pound. Going to stop now.. oi. But tell me your favourite mixings! I want to come back to actually get myself a cone some time. : )

Marble Slab Creamery:

  • good ice-cream
  • A little pricey
  • does anyone else feel that this concept is a little bit gimmicky?
  • The guy behind the counter was great, exchanged a little small talk, funny guy.
  • Was patient with our indecision (I can imagine how frustrating it can be, especially when busy. Customers debating with themselves and their companions and speaking with the mixer at the same time, not sure if who they're talking to or when they've decided..)
  • Cute (thanks for the franchise decor)
  • They've got a few tables for sit-in as well

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Sherman said...

Yah, it's not the best ice cream, but it's good nonetheless. Gimmicky? Yup! Expensive? Yup! Anything else quite like it? Not really, unless you go to the states for Coldstone.

Yen said...

Mm, coldstone. I've seen their shops when going down to seattle for shopping trips, never tried. How do you think they compare?

Sherman said...

They're pretty similar IMO, however, people have told me that since Marble Slab was first, it's better. Not sure if that makes any sense. For me, they're both good.

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