Saturday, February 20, 2010

Granville Island Public Market

A beautiful day warranted a walk around Granville after our culinary tour. It was about lunch time after the tour, so we explored Granville looking for a place to eat. I've noticed that there aren't very many well renown restaurants in Granville Island (around Granville Island is a different story). Sammy J Peppers...? No thanks..We stopped by an oyster shop, and my friend wished he had brought his oyster shucker. Yes. Because we'd be shucker oyster right there and then. Right then.

We ended up at the Granville Island Public Market. So. Much. Food. Everywhere. These were just a few snapshots I took here and there while we were looking for food. See the samples of hot sauce in the bottom right? Ebesse Zozo hotsauce. Apparently an award winner. If you like a biting spicy, that is for you. I tried the "hot" and the "medium". It didn't seem so bad at first, but then you feel it sticking to the back of your throat. Nice slow burn. Very nice ; D

Further in there is a whole hall of food stalls, and so we got our lunches here.

Fraser Valley Juice and Salad

Despite all the wonderful food available, I wanted to get something light so that I could continue sampling this and that throughout the day. What I got?

Smoked Salmon Salad Roll. ($5.50). This was disappointing beyond belief. All the right ingredients were there, but the tapioca wrap was sticky, gummy and dried out. There was no salmon taste in the smoked salmon, despite its brilliant red colour.

The peanut sauce was a thin liquid, with more of a soy sauce flavour than peanut. However, I kept using it only because it was the only thing that gave the salad roll any flavour. I shouldn't have expected much since it was in a display case out front, but still. At least a little salmon taste? Please?

Fraser Valley Juice and Salad on Urbanspoon

Perogy Place

See that sign behind the Fraser Valley Juice and Salad sign? That's the Perogy Place. My friend grabbed his lunch there. What did he get?

It is beyond me why he would get this. But to each his own.

The perogies were saltless (thus tasteless), the warm cabbage salad? Too salty. You'd think a place named "Perogy Place" would be able to do perogies properly.

It's not fair to expect the food to be perfectly cooked, they've got to keep up with the busy demand, and thus the food is sitting out in the warming trays. But this is no excuse for flavourless perogies.

The worst part? The chicken kiev cutlet. Completely burnt on top, when we cut into this, butter and oil came gushing out, leaving a hollow centre of nothing. Maybe a bite of cheese inside. Who knows. But it didn't taste like chicken.

The Perogy Place on Urbanspoon
A La Mode

This was the saving grace of our foodie day. A La Mode. A La Mode features list-fulls of sweet and savoury pies. I really did want to get my lunch here, but again with wanting to go light. He got the Salmon Pie ($8).

The lighting does not do this dish justice. It was wonderful. The pie crust was firm where it needed to be, flaky where it needed to be. The bottom crust, despite all the filling and the time it spends in the display case, was not soggy at all. There was a top layer of smoked salmon (the bright red), and then flaked salmon and mushroom (?) pate like layer in the middle. the bottom layer was a risotto.

Granted, there may have been just as much risotto as there was salmon, but for the price, hey. I'll take it. The tomato and cucumber salad was not much to talk about, but I loved this salmon pie. Possibly more than I enjoyed my Salmon Wellington at The Cannery. And that is definitely saying something.

This pie looked ridiculously large. I took this picture before we all grabbed our lunches, but to finish off our lunches, my friend went off and brought this back:

Okay, so it doesn't look very appetizing. And yes, they did give it to us like that. But this was delicious. Coconut Cream Pie. It came to us a tad lukewarm... I don't think it should have been served this way.. But that's alright.

Perhaps it's because I have a sweet-tooth, but I loved this. The top meringue layer was nicely baked, a small hint of caramel from the sugar in the meringue. The meringue layer (top) was pillowy and had a spongey light texture. Like biting down on airy bubbles. Sweet airy bubbles with a caramelized top.

The custard had pieces of coconut all throughout, although you couldn't see it by just looking. This added a nice bite to the custard. The custard itself tasted nice, but it wasn't very smooth, and broke apart slightly like jello.

The crust underneath was not soggy at all, and just added to this pie. I loved it.

A La Mode on Urbanspoon

We enjoyed our lunches to this beautiful view of downtown across the water from Granville. Gorgeous (despite my horrible picture). As you saw above, not all the food pictures had the greatest lighting, but we were lucky to get a spot to sit inside (it was chilly), with a view like that. There are dozens of places to sit in the Public Market, too bad they're all filled with people. If you never been to the Public Market. Do it. Now.

Granville Island Public Market:

  • Stalls are hit and miss
  • Lots of this and thats to try, all look delicious.
  • Bustling cheery public food market.
  • Little samples to steal here and there
  • Places to sit are usually filled up.
  • Beautiful view
  • Despite the crowds, the vendors I bought from were especially friendly (making a note of the man who was selling the hot sauce here)


Wanderhan said...

Meringue! That's what that pastry is called! I've been killing myself over it's name for the last 9 years after missing my chance to taste one in a church baking session. It looked so delicious.

You look like you're having fun, could barely keep up with the amount of posts this week.

Btw, I love this picture:

Yen said...

lol. Lemme guess. Tim's church bake sale? Yea. Meringue is baked two different ways. They can be cookies and baked on low heat until crispy, or this way, where it's spongey and I think I prefer this one a lot more. : )
Thanks, we should do something before the break is over, yea?

Wanderhan said...

Actually, I only met tim only 3 years ago. I went to an after-school care program at a church when I was young, and we made these things. I thought it was disgusting because we were whipping egg whites and I hated eggs, but it looked amazing when they turned out. They never let me try it because I refused to help out during the making process =(

Sure learned my lesson.

And agreed. Lets go do something.

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